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Mar 22 10 9:05 PM

^word. Calle ocho weather this yr might go down the best ever.Prob will never see a day like that ever again. Nice, warm day, but no sun beamin and no sun burn. It was a day to remember. Cool nights

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#125 [url]

Apr 21 10 12:11 AM

jcurrency89 wrote:
this thread is deaddddddddddddddddd. there's no active Miami NKTLK members?

yeah, but i never come to the regional forum. for something that will make you happy...

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ThaT Dude173

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Jul 24 10 5:44 AM

black chiney wrote:
h3at23 wrote:
 Lil Colombia aka Kendall T&C FTW

what part of kendall tho?
Im guessing Town and Country... Damn theres so many damn niketalkers in Kendall i prob seen a few at shaq 24..

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Jan 2 11 3:28 AM

DJ bana wrote:
Coral Gables  what uppppp

representing the U.

I live on 8th St and 37 ave

dng thats crazy, I remember you gettin that octopus tattoo from another thread, had no clue you at UM too

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