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#341 [url]

May 29 11 11:03 PM

Hi. Here's one I made that you can add to the list.


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#342 [url]

May 30 11 12:01 AM

KaiSee wrote:
Sup guys, I didn't realize people were doing this. I wonder if there are still people making these.

Latest ones:



You can find more on my deviant art.
didnt quite see infrared in this pair but the bordeaux cw isnt bad, check me out when you get a chance 

Please checkout my photoshops not your ordinary stuff.

also check out my blog:

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#347 [url]

Jun 7 12 1:16 PM

Your stuffs awesome man, I like a lot of your stuff on deviantart. All your work is so clean smiley: pimp

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