Jun 29 14 2:39 PM

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I've recently picked up a love for basketball, and for the last few months I've been playing a ton. I'll be honest, I hate the look and feel of a lot of new basketball shoes, and I found to actually be a fan of the old streamlined Chucks. I wear custom insoles to support my flat feet, so the flat Chucks were not an issue for me, and I find them extremely comfortable. Except for one thing that's turning into a bit of a problem. My pinky toes have giant blisters on them, and while I am developing so calluses that make it easier, the fabric inside is rubbing out and it's making it more painful. I absolutely love and respect what Converse did for basketball, and I'm a fan of sporting the vintage look on the court, so here's my question to you all. Is there a Converse shoe that's good to play basketball and is more efficient than the old Chucks? I've seen the Weapons, the AERO Jams, the Star Players, and the Grand Jams, but not sure just by looking online at them if they'd be what I want. Can anyone here possibly give me some insight on this? It'd be greatly appreciated.