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Apr 1 14 10:21 AM

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Hi guys, 

I live in Hong Kong, but my family is coming back for vacation in August. Just wondering where I can hunt down some treasure while I'll be staying in Vegas and San Fran???

Will be staying close to downtown!!! If any place (reasonable price, authentic, new, rare or hot stuffs) that's good for hunting or fast dealing! Please let me know, so I can save a lot of time from finding for them!!!  

Very much appreciate!!

P.S. if you guys know any place in italy and uk as well.. cuz my parents will be travelling and taking vacation in Europe in May as well!!!
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Apr 6 14 1:34 AM

I can't imagine there not being some great places to shop sneakers in either of those places. I'd be jumping on Yellowpages and seeing what all was available whenever you get to your destination. Then show us pictures of what you see and buy. Heheh. 

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