Aug 4 13 7:44 AM

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Wats up everyone....i'm new here....But Ive been a collector for 15 years...
Neways I've been looking for a long time for any of these and haven't had much like. They're all pretty hard to come by... I'm willing to pay more than a fair price for any of these Espscially if they are DS...so hit me up on my email if any of you have and are willing to sell...Alot of them are pretty old and haven't been retro'd in a few years or not at all so its been really tough to find any of them
Email me at [email protected]
All shoes I'm looking for are size 11US-12US
heres the list:
Nike Zoom soldier 1's - Any of the Zoom soldiers that have the white toe I'm looking to buy....
Reebok pump - Any of the white colorways I'm looking for...Preferable the Dee Browns and the Twilight Zone's...But any pumps that have a base White Colorway I'd be interested in
Air Jordan Super Freak/ Cover 3
Reebok Answer V's - White/Silver or All white Colorways