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Please use the at your own risk and read the below safety precautions when buying and selling in the SneakerTalk Marketplace.

No Dealers or Commercial Sellers

·         This section of the site is for the community to buy, sell, and trade. It is not intended for members or businesses to start a business or set up a shop.

All Listings Must Contain Price

·         Listings are not auctions or posts to solicit offers or interest. Items must have an explicit asking price.

All Listings Must Include a Photo With SneakerTalk Screen Name

·         Your listing must include a hand written piece of paper with the listing date and SneakerTalk screen name: "[Member Name] at SneakerTalk.com [Date]"

Prohibited Items

·         Illegal by US law including but not limited to: counterfeit or bootleg items, drugs and drug paraphernalia.

·         Age restricted items: Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Pornography

·         Other restricted items: bath salts, incense, legal smokables, body armor, weapons

Electronic Payment Surcharges Are Not Allowed

·         By law you cannot add a surcharge to your listing because due to payment excepting fees such as additional fees PayPal charges you for accepting payments. The price of your item needs to be the same no matter what type of payment you are accepting.

Be a Good Seller

·         Any attempts to deceive, trick, or defraud other members will result in permanent bans from SneakerTalk.

Links to Your Own Ebay Auctions Are Allowed

·         If you feel more comfortable dealing though Ebay you are welcome to under the same rules as above. With some additions:

o    Links to Ebay Listings MUST be your personal ebay account.

o    Fixed Price and Auctions are ok for Ebay Listings

o    Every listing must be prefixed with "Ebay Fixed Price:" or "Ebay Auction:"

o    Listing on Ebay and SneakerTalk post must contain photo and hand written paper like above.

o    Other above rules must be followed.