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Sep 7 12 7:39 PM

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Forum Rules & Guidelines

In order to make SneakerTalk an enjoyable experience for all the members please follow these rules and guidelines.


·         Be nice to others

·         Have Fun

·         Use Good Taste

·         Discussion of or illegally trading of copyrighted material is prohibited

·         No gratuitous advertising of your own website or business.


Helpful Tips & Guidelines

Use Good Taste

·         Please keep profanity to a minimum and refrain from posting racial slurs, hate speech, pornography and other types of +!!!.

Avatars & Signatures

·         Signature length should be short in length and not distract from the post. They should be text only, two lines or fewer and font size 1 or 2 at the max.

·         Please do not advertise in your signature

·         Use good taste when selecting and avatar and refrain from using obnoxious animations, save those for your GeoCitiy and myspace pages.

Thread Titles

·         Be descriptive but brief. "Need Help!" does not tell the community what the thread is about and they are less likely to read and help you. A better title would be "Need Help Dying My Foamposite on My Jordans"

·         ALL CAPPS!!!!! Watch out for your caps lock key and exclamation marks. One is plenty to show that you are excited or frustrated. More than one will only show your lack of familiarity with a QWERTY keyboard.

Cite Your Sources & User Quotes

·         SneakerTalk members are always interested in the latest news, trends, art, and photography, but if you are going to reference the work of others, please cite the source.

·         If you copy text from another site do so minimally, user quote formatting, and link to the source.

Deleted or Moved Posts

·         From time to time a Mod may move or delete your post. You may not have done anything wrong but your post may have been irrelevant or off topic. Please don’t be offended, we are just making information easier to read and ultimately a better forum. If you don’t agree with the delete or move PM a Mod or Admin, we are reasonable people.


·         Please only post buying, selling, trading, and wanted to buy in the Marketplace section of the site. Be sure to read the rules and helpful guidelines. Also take a look at member feedback and fake and fraud check to get the most out of the marketplace.

Yuku Community

·         For full details governing the community please see this link.

Forum Help

·         Please visit the forum FAQ and help are if you have any questions or need some help with the forum. Happy posting!

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Oct 29 12 4:29 AM

Having trouble posting...

For some reason I don't have permission to post a reply in the adidas forums. Is there something I need to do? I've confirmed my account and also introduced myself in the new members section. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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