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Jul 17 12 12:48 AM

grandtheftbike wrote:
one word answer tho..

DeadsetAce wrote:

smiley: laugh I was hoping that he just summarized a whole text into one word.

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Jul 17 12 12:49 AM

Enough with the texting and wondering and trying to decipher whats going on. Pick up the phone and call the girl and tell her you'll be there at 7 to pick her up and your going to Hooters. DONE.

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Jul 17 12 2:26 AM

JoseBronx wrote:
timbo109 wrote:
You srs brah? You already won.
"Tomorrow make us a plan"

Just text her earlier Thursday with a concrete dinner plan. Don't make it question. If you wanna wing it, just tell her you'll pick her up at a certain time, and go from there.

If all else fails just tell her you have over 600 posts on That should garner you some artificial credibility.

its over 300 so hes a register member, should do the trick famb
smiley: rollsmiley: rollsmiley: roll

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Jul 17 12 3:44 AM

OP, you a female?

Quit acting like a girl and man up. Get at her on the day and lay out the plans. Seems like she wants dinner; don't ruin it by getting all over-sensitive/thinking she's playing you.

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