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Jul 7 12 1:48 AM

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Click here for LAST MONTH'S Nike Outlet Thread.

Thanks to everyone who contributes both regularly and here and there. Again, this thread exists as a source for information, so let's all do what we can to keep it that way.

Basic rules - By entering this thread, you agree to follow all rules and accept a warning/suspension when in violation:

- Do not quote more than two pics.
- NO requests. Any information worth posting will be posted.
- NO pointless/useless comments like

Oh darn, wish I was a size xx!

Wack update, thanks for nothing.

- Keep junior-high back-and-forth banter or comments to PM or Email.
- Any questions regarding size and fit belong in 
Sneaker Reviews.
- Any posts regarding pick-ups from outlets or stores belong in 
Sneaker Showcase.
- Any buying and selling belongs in NT Buy/Sell
 in the respective size forum.
- No self promotion (posting referral links).

These are not MY rules; these are the rules set by the creators of Niketalk.

What's a GOOD update?

- First and foremost, state the exact location. Do not post a store name and leave readers hanging. Posting phone numbers is not necessary but more info = better update.

- If you have pics, post them!

Need directions or phone numbers for a certain Nike retail location? 
Nike Store/Outlet Info
How to make a phone order:

- Call the store
- Request the item
- Have credit card & shipping info ready
Methods for searching for a product (have the style code ready):

- Call NIKEFIND at 1-800-806-6453

For those who are a bit hesitant about using Nikefind or the Nike product searching methods, here's a basic step-by-step. I just did it with an item that was in the outlet over two months ago and the entire process took me less than half an hour.

1. Chat with a Nike Customer Service Rep.
2. State you are looking for a product and give the style code. Speed up the process by finding the product code before hand.
3. If the product is available somewhere, the Rep will give you a list of locations along with phone numbers.
4. Call the numbers, request the product. Some may have them, some may not.
5. Place your order over the phone with credit card; ask for a manager (for general safety).


Why is my comment not showing?

We're trying to reduce clutter. Free-posting is NOT allowed.

What's considered a 'non-clutter' comment?

Anything that provides info. A flaw in a B-Grade item, a store that will/won't price match, and so on. If a question has been answered, don't beat a dead horse.
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#4 [url]

Jul 7 12 3:25 PM

Nike- Jersey Shore Outlet (732-695-0108)

Jordan 2011 White/Red- $119.99 FSR
Jordan 2012 Grey/Volt- $149.99 FSR
Jordan 2012 University Blue "JBC"- $149.99 FSR
Huarache Free Black/Volt- $79.99 FSR
Free 2 "Livstrong" White/Blue- $89.99 FSR

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23 Air Jordan 45

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#10 [url]

Jul 8 12 10:12 PM

today sunday 7/8

i just got home from (san diego) San Ysidro outlet


Air Trainer SC High (NFL) Raiders i seen them going for $250-300 .. the outlet 80.00

and................ at the counter size 7.5 only Jordan iv miltary

smiley: roll

Last Edited By: 23 Air Jordan 45 Jul 8 12 10:17 PM. Edited 2 times.

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#11 [url]

Jul 8 12 11:06 PM

Folsom, CA

Kobe VII System (white/blue)- 129.99 (most sizes)
LeBron 9 Freegum- 130 (sizes 8-10)
Air Jordan 2012 (3 diff ones)- 129.99 (most sizes)
some normal Kobe VIIs, forgot the price but I think 100.
Kobe VI (white/blue)- 75
Air Jordan 8.0- 60

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#16 [url]

Jul 10 12 2:46 AM

23 Air Jordan 45 wrote:
i just got home from (san diego) San Ysidro outlet

Air Trainer SC High (NFL) Raiders i seen them going for $250-300 .. the outlet 80.00

just to correct you, you didn't see them SELLING at that price, you saw them ASKING that price. 2 totally different things!smiley: sick

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#20 [url]

Jul 10 12 6:53 PM

RezzurrectMe wrote:
^Any info about concords showing up in NY outlets?

   manager from jersey gardens said wooddbury got them on friday.... and all the 14s are gone

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