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Jun 30 12 5:31 PM

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I've been itchin to play ball for a while now but it's been too hard to find a gym and/or people to play with so.... are there any NTers that like to hoop in the LA area that want to meet up and/or have info on bball games/open gyms? Any help would be appreciated. LA ballers unite! If you like to hoop, holler in this thread por favor
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Jul 3 12 9:07 PM

Ecook0808 wrote:
Yeah I'm up there like once a week but the runs are big time serious and pretty much invite only...I could prolly get you in if you rolled solo.
You can't hoop tho

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Jul 5 12 3:54 PM

Damn, what does "big time serious" mean? I'm decent, but can't say I'm a big time serious baller. At UCLA I'll sometimes run on the A Court only when the competition isn't too crazy

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