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rice boy 45

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#21 [url]

Jun 25 12 2:17 AM

thanks for the advice. probably not gonna use. though I do have both those products.

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Jun 25 12 8:12 AM

My fire reds are slightly yellowed and cracked, might try this one day.

And I don't do colorful jeans and shiny kicks, my shoe game is Penny in ninety-six - Skyzoo


go rilla.niketalk

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Jun 25 12 9:53 AM

jordan3cement wrote:
go rilla wrote:
southwesthouston wrote:
It looks natural , retro right or even better sea glow will never make heeltabs white again, this method works.

and by "this method" you mean painting them right

obviously. that's what this thread is about.

and obviously it's not really a solution. in reality you are covering up the problem, not getting rid of it

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