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Jun 24 12 2:47 PM

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Saw this guy on iss and decided to do it too Supplies you need , picked up on eBay image Untitled by southwesthouston, on Flickr Use painters tape and then spray 1 light coat of white , wait 10 min then another light coat , wait 10 min in sun. Then apply matte spray like 2 coats For factory dull Icey DS white look. Right shoe is yellow, left shoe white before matte sprayed image Untitled by southwesthouston, on Flickr Finished product ! Looks factory ! image Untitled by southwesthouston, on Flickr
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MJ All Day45

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Jun 24 12 3:51 PM

Retr0Brite...the end


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Jun 24 12 3:53 PM

Looks good. So you just taped up the Jumpman as well? Sounds like a pain, but looks good.

Can you get clearer close up pictures of the surface that you painted? Does it look painted in person or does it look natural?

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Jun 24 12 4:45 PM

It looks natural , retro right or even better sea glow will never make heeltabs white again, this method works.

At salvo : yes I used the little art knife and it was easy to cut around

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Jun 24 12 7:24 PM

@go rilla : yes

Next ill do my 09 true blues and one day my 2011 true blues and cements when they turn yellow like butter

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Jun 24 12 8:38 PM

go rilla wrote:
southwesthouston wrote:
It looks natural , retro right or even better sea glow will never make heeltabs white again, this method works.

and by "this method" you mean painting them right

obviously. that's what this thread is about.



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Jun 24 12 8:58 PM

not bad

"the game" can die for all i care
i just want nice shoes to wear

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Jun 24 12 11:15 PM

Very nice......are you going to attempt to use the same method but different color for the cracking midsole?

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Jun 24 12 11:31 PM

Nice....I will have to remember this when the day comes.

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Jun 24 12 11:34 PM

this needs to be done. fire red 3s are so so underrated.

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Jun 25 12 1:34 AM

Imma try this pretty soon to my 3's.

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