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Jun 22 12 12:24 AM

Who's grandma is that?

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Jun 22 12 12:32 AM

I'm not a hater but I think it's bad.
Step aside and you really think they are "timeless"
Look at Poli and now look at yours
I do like the "Peace of mind shirt" il cop Nt discount?
I also thought love over money was dope, but the execution was bad.
Good luck

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#23 [url]

Jun 22 12 12:37 AM

Op yes, it is ok to get feedback. But you can't satisfy everyone. Produce what you like and what your brand represents.
Remember it's YOUR brand.

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#24 [url]

Jun 22 12 12:48 AM

you need some "wow thats hot im actually gonna take out my credit card" type products. youre not there, but ive seen worse. theres no room for "nice" or "ill cop to support"

redesign your website and take real and pro (atleast dslr quality) pics of your products. but before all that, i dont think it would be worth it for the stuff you have now.

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#25 [url]

Jun 22 12 1:03 AM

1stWitIt wrote:
Op yes, it is ok to get feedback. But you can't satisfy everyone. Produce what you like and what your brand represents.
Remember it's YOUR brand.

Most important IMO. I have been toying with the idea of producing some shirts and this is my main goal...

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#26 [url]

Jun 22 12 1:09 AM

NT is rough

I think the designs are good. The website I'm not a huge fan of, but it's not terrible. Just keep at it though either way. You definitely have a start.

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Jun 22 12 1:29 AM

I looked through pretty hard... I work in brand managing for a professional sports franchise, so I know what you're going through.

First of all, don't describe anything that doesn't need describing. Drop the entire "philosophy" paragraph on the main page, and drop the shirt descriptions. There's no way to do it without being corny. 

You've got a broken link under "ABOUT THE COMPANY" ... ... you can't have dead ends like that. 

The flash "Lookbook" is set up well, and the photos look professional. But you have to move away from this font/color scheme that suggests (like someone said earlier) an energy drink vibe. The urban writing font is fine, I would use that for your logo and use a good sans serif for your main text.

Follow some design blogs on Tumblr and use some brand kit photos as inspiration (obviously don't totally copy it). 

The "Barack Nation" thing has some potential. I would move away from the Linkin Park font to something else... but make sure to brainstorm about how you can spread this over the next few months. The election is going to reach a fever pitch in social media and all across the internet... take advantage. And MAKE SURE you try and copyright the Barack Nation brand. People do not mess around when they feel like you're stepping on their turf, and you'll get a "cease and desist."

Think about how people might come to your site for the Barack Nation stuff, and then they notice your other shirts and add a few to the cart. Get some hot @!%% on those shirts, and you'll see the traffic.

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#32 [url]

Jun 22 12 1:33 AM

You need more shirts like the Individuality one. That's the only design I like. Would buy it if it's on sale haha. One more thing, needs different shirt colors for each design. Good luck with the business.

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lil dre 08

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#33 [url]

Jun 22 12 1:50 AM

I like the Love/Money, Individuality, and Peace of Mind tees, but they just dont have that flare. Its good you have a website, but it looks kind of "spam"#+$ too me, and like what has been said before, energy drink like. It would look better in my opinion to show your items in the shop in a grid like view rather than a list, and the pricing is confusing. Potential is there, just change it up a bit.

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#37 [url]

Jun 22 12 6:57 AM

I like how the photography is as clear as water but the shots are not very stylistic or communicative. 

Web-design needs a redesign. You can stick with the initial layout of the design but the color, graphics and font really isn't doing it.

Your biggest problem, in my opinion: the copywriting. The text is the first thing a customer will see on your website. If the text doesn't grab a hold of the potential customer it will set everything else up for failure.

I don't like the design of the logo(s). It just doesn't communicate "wear" to me.

You definitely need a copywriter for sure. Hit me up.

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