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Jun 4 12 10:06 AM

I saw them yesterday @ Footlocker...these things are .

My phones lens on the camera is scratched, so they came out blurry and dark, but the shoes change colors hard. From gold, to purple, to green.

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Jun 4 12 10:10 AM

ninjahood wrote:
kingofny04 wrote:
ImStillMike wrote:
look like a mixture of coppers and pine

Yep. Exactly what it is.
i got pass.

wake me up when those flightposite I colored penny foamposites drop.

those flights are my dream shoe, if only bp worked for nike

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#54 [url]

Jun 4 12 11:28 AM

Not bad.

Honestly, I feel like Nike can do whatever they want with some Pros, thats what they're here for. I just wish they would leave the FP1 alone.

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Jun 4 12 2:54 PM

When Pro's go to 220?!!?!!!??

I know the Ones we're, but Pro's...???

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