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Jun 2 12 6:37 PM

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First off, hey everybody, good to meet you all, I'm glad to be here.

Now down to business: I copped a pair of the Jordan Sixty Plus Boston Celtics for $15 at a garage sale (why not, ya know?) and was wondering if any of you guys had some advice for how to start restoring them. I know the soles will need extensive SeaGlow treatment, the leather is a little scuffed and peeling (unsure how to deal with that), and the laces are fraying (probably need new ones --- any specifics i should look for?). Link below of pictures of how they look currently.

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Jun 2 12 8:58 PM

Yeah I don't have a problem with wearing them its just I guess the main difficulty is how do i tackle the leather tearing??? :/ its not really that noticeable but it bugs the hell out of me. Other than that (and the laces) its a pretty solid pair of shoes.

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