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May 25 12 7:03 PM

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hi hope you guys like our little twist on the nerf colorway putting on the air jordan 4 white cements... custom by the THE DEPOT ph.

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May 25 12 9:32 PM

^^^ yeah do some pure $'s or something not cements, i would like these a lot more if the blue wasn't so glossy. Good stuff though

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May 27 12 12:50 AM

I was thinking the same thing that the blue was too glossy, its a good concept though, weren't half as bad as I thought they would be!

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May 28 12 12:55 AM

not into the blue, but the splatter on the back is awesome work.

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i just want nice shoes to wear

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May 28 12 8:01 PM

im feelin these bro.
true you no longer got your cements and the blues alittle flashy but i like the idea and fade. works real clean minus the lettering on the tounges.still i like.

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May 29 12 10:54 PM

looks unwearable. looks like paint'll crack as soon as you take a step in it. now you'll have to worry about the midsoles and the 'leather' itself cracking.


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May 30 12 10:25 AM

why is everyone saying these are blue? Is it not obviously purple...purple like the original KDs?

Def too shiny and def too much paint....also looks like you are prepping to intense and roughing up the leather a bit too much.

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May 31 12 1:21 PM

Nice concept n work except on the blue/purple paint. That just looks too sloppy n also why doesnt one of the sneakers have the bottom lace eyelids?

EDIT: Just noticed that both the sneakers have the lace eyelids but why are they only on the inside part of sneaker?

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May 31 12 10:44 PM

I like em, good job.

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rice boy 45

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Jun 3 12 4:11 AM

Space DooDoo Pistols wrote:
the blue looks almost slopped on.
^what he said. Nice job on the rest of the parts

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