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Jul 5 12 9:12 PM

951guero wrote:
nyckone wrote:
seafood fans, try bearflag in newport beach. fish burrito is so dang good.
smiley: pimp this guy knows; Bearflag is so damn good! Their fish tacos are also amazing!
Welp.  Heading to Newport/Balboa Beach on Monday.  And after showing some pictures to wifey (via Yelp), we're heading to this spot now.
Any of you try their Poke?  She was ALL-IN after hearing they had Poke.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Any other spots in the area to try?

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Jul 6 12 1:48 AM

I love yall

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Jul 8 12 12:40 PM

To neil^
Yeah their poke is so damn good
Never had any as good as them

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Jul 11 12 11:57 PM

mike23theking wrote:
Completely forgot to mention SAN PEDRO FISH MARKETS. I was just there a few Fridays ago...

A pic I took via Instagram...

Some others...
that looks awesome 

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Jul 12 12 6:30 PM

JJC6723 wrote:
Has anyone tried Hole In The Wall Burger Join in Santa Monica. I've been hearing a lot about this pretzel bun burger place let me know what you guys think

its been a few years since i've been, but they make a solid burger.  not necesarily worth traveling, but if youre in the area its a very good burger spot.

i know taste is subjective, but some of yall are way off.  Price aside, I dont know how anyone can say that the hot garbage at Five Guys is better than an Umami Burger.  Sure the burgers are small and a tad expensive, but they are damn delicious.  Also, Slaters 50/50 is trash.  I thought I had a bad experience the first time so I tried it again... still trash.  Fool me once... shame on you... fool me twice...  For a burger place, they sure as hell dont know how to cook a burger.  Medium Rare does not mean brown all the way through.

Some of my favorite spots:

Osteria Mozza - My favorite restaurant in LA.  Food and service is very consistent.  Excellent pastas and mozzarella bar.

Manhattan Beach Post - Solid food all around.  Good cocktails too.  Gets busy though

Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen - I'm not an expert on soul food by any stretch, but when I start craving it, this is the spot I go to in Inglewood cause its only bout 15 min away from my house.  They give you a ton of food and the workers there are all super friendly.

Baby Blues BBQ (Santa Monica) - This is the best BBQ I have found that is on my side of town.  If you like Beef Ribs they got damn good texas beef ribs here.

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Jul 18 12 12:09 AM

Damn that Fish Market looks good. Might have to hit it up!

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