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Apr 12 12 7:48 PM

Ruxxx wrote:
milestailsprowe wrote:
Then make WET White Entertainment TV then. I don't see the problem.

WET already exists though... it's just not called WET.
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Apr 14 12 11:56 AM

Levar Burton wrote:
ThrowedInDaGame wrote:
Every TV station focuses on white people aside from the minority TV stations.

How? When there's a mixed cast in most shows or news stations, unless it's for historical purposes and it's set in a predominately white setting like AMC's Mad Men.
So you've never seen Friends or Seinfeld huh

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Apr 14 12 11:58 AM

JordanJayyy7 wrote:
I don't like it.
Why? What would be a fair outlet for programming for people that aren't of Euro Descent?  How would their voices be heard? How unfair is that? Oh let me guess that isn't your problem right?

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