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Jun 2 12 9:54 AM

keep us informed on the raffles

im workin next thursday night and get off early friday morning im free after that


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Jun 2 12 1:46 PM

626 area right here. Trying to figure out where to go too. Down to meet up and hold it down with other NTers though. Holler.



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Oh YoU MaD

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Jun 2 12 9:32 PM

MECKS wrote:
I'm Rollin with the gameplan I posted. Usually:
HoH lakewood and
HoH Beverly center get them,
millennium shoes (they Presell things and are super shady)
Sheikhs at del amo
Proper in long beach
UNDFTD (both locations)
And maybe mortalban

Not sure if NTLA or NTSM will get these . But I've been following their twitter accounts. They should let us know around WED.

Again I'm not sharing the location I copped my first pair. So don't ask me but you can text me : 3108029066

Im pretty sure they will get em again. Blends for sure.

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Jun 2 12 9:33 PM

I guess ill be the first to update on this. I went up earlier this morning around 7am to go to HOH in beverly center. I planned on camping out luckly because my vacation time landed to 2 days before this and I have 2 weeks paid which feels great btw lol. Well as I went there there were about 15 heads there but not for the yeezys but the lebrons. I stayed around anyway. As I went to HOH that morning I talked to the people and they have said and confirmed they do not know if they are getting them in and if they do they WILL raffle. Not the raffle where you pay the retail and ticket cost and they call your number and you grab whatever size is available, its the raffle where you hope your the lucky one chosen and then you pay to purchase them. Apparently before I arrived or day before prior one of the guys in line said there was about 8 10 guys waiting on the yeezys but heard a store in santa barbra was going to have them? They didn't know what store or etc but ended up leaving. Me drive to s.b and not know FORSURE to cop? Nahh I'm good west covina to b.v. in a v8 was fun enough.

I didn't purchase the lebrons cause my main focus was on the yeezys but then I saw the hype on these and then I thought hmm I have my emergency cc, I guess ill put it to use so I waited in the sheik line. I was about the 12th person and luckly I was able to grab a 10. (I'm a 13 btw) so not even 5 min as I walk out thinking about listing them on C.L and ebay. Guy in a white infinity pulls up and asked me what size were those and if they were the lebrons. I told him yeah and a size 10. And he was looking for a 9 9.5 sooo I told him sorry and he said if I would take 450 and I declined and said 500. He said no and he seen them all on cl for 450 and I said fine waste gas go to their house and you'll spend maybe 20 30 on gas when you can get them here. Then he said ebay. Then I told him really? Pay fees and shipping while I have them here in the bag....? So his friend fronted him the rest and I made a sale. Lol.

I finally found a place who doesent want to confirm it but is on the forsure boat they'll receive these shoes but does not want to put it out there and have a line. I knew this place would have them due to the fact my buddy purchased them here when I bought mine in downtown off vine st. I didn't get to check the sheik store in culver city I just went home after leaving around 5 from beverly center. Ill ask my family if they can check and see since they live off la tijera and manchester. Called other places that had them last year even undftd and they will not say anything nor confirm they are getting them and people tried camping there too and they are not allowing it till they get a CONFIRM forsure they'll have them. Hope this all helps ill also post this in the nike talk thread to inform as well.

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Jun 3 12 4:47 AM

While at NTLA picking up the KO's, I asked them about next week and they said they aren't getting them. Still gonna follow there twitter so if they pull a fast one. But from a couple employees passing out the shoes and the cashier, they said they aren't.

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Jun 3 12 1:01 PM

Talk to the young lady at proper also they said they may not get them. They didn't get the miami beach models either but they did have the ko's. I'm going to see about the place I know who has them and see if the line has started if nothing ill check every day til about wednesday. Other stores should know by thurs no later than Friday morning and if they still dont , they're #+*#*@ lying. Lol.

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Jun 3 12 4:59 PM

I went to Sheikh at the Santa Anita Mall asked employee about these and they aren't getting them either..
I'm pretty sure Ntla will get these in, they have been on hush mode about them though, not even mentioning these releasing on twitter.

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rocafella kidd

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#54 [url]

Jun 3 12 8:47 PM

I'm down to camp starting Thursday, If anybody's camping sooner, I'm down to swing by Thursday with food, chairs, etc.. And anything else, if you wanna hold a spot..I can't start camping until Thursday afternoon cause of work.

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#57 [url]

Jun 3 12 10:05 PM

yeah i do, it will be in la as well. probably take off wed afternoon. Seeing how HOH "supposedly" said raffles only. So i figure campout where i know i got my last pair, all else fails friday or even thursday when they say if they have it or not head to the local HOH and join for the raffle. Im trying to play connect the dot. my spot, if its fail then hoh, if i fail, sheik, if i fail there, location on vine st.

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Oh YoU MaD

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Jun 3 12 11:21 PM

951guero wrote:
I really believe that these are going to be kept strictly to Boutiques
Maybe some Nike store but not all of them

You know any spots in the IE thats getting em smiley: laugh

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Jun 3 12 11:38 PM

bobafreak wrote:
Sooo who wants to ride out? I'm in west covina!

   get a big group in so that people can just have shifts since people have to go to work and school.

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