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Apr 9 12 12:57 PM

mco85 wrote:
rcdp wrote:
Coupon dead?
There's a new coupon code.  "preorder" for 15% off.

We are taking pre-orders for our next batch which should be shipping out to customers in 12-15 days.

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#244 [url]

Apr 9 12 4:20 PM

For the people that received theirs. Would it be possible for you guys to post some pictures up of you wearing it?

"He who asks a question is a fool for a minute; He who does not remain a fool forever."

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#245 [url]

Apr 10 12 2:34 AM

Vanquishhhh wrote:
PoeticJays wrote:
can you put up another coupon?
Hey so right now we are taking pre-orders for our next batch cuz we sold out.  They should shipping out within the next 12-14 days or so.

Here's a coupon code for 15% off pre-order.  "preorder"

Just ordered a pair of stix, bart-scott-can't-wait.gif

Use Rep Code: GETER for 10% off PLNDR, or 20% off Karmaloop

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#247 [url]

Apr 24 12 2:45 AM

are the Flats for females only? kinda like them in one angle and in another it kinda looks feminine lol

"And if you come to my City you might see what i the City that never sleeps but is the City of Dreams" 

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#250 [url]

May 16 12 5:50 PM

these are really nice. great idea.

WTB Copper Foamposites size 11.5 Email me at [email protected] if you have some

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#254 [url]

May 24 12 6:05 PM

syxth element wrote:
When will the Jays be available for preorder/order?

Sorry we have been swamped with orders thanks to all of you.  They are available now and they'll be shipping next week!

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#255 [url]

May 24 12 6:06 PM

MonopolyMan630 wrote:
Any update on the delayed shipping?
Any orders that haven't been shipped will be shipping next week.  We have switched manufacturers to ensure this kinda delay doesn't happen again

Thanks for you patience.

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#256 [url]

May 24 12 6:07 PM

Hey man, you can call us anytime 434.218.3733

Or email us at [email protected] and I'll figure something out for you.

Sorry about the late reply.  

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#260 [url]

Jul 6 12 5:30 PM

give me a better discount man. 15% off ain't good enough.

<3 Nastia

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