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Jan 18 12 12:49 AM

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This needs about 3500 more signatures before noon tomorrow:

NATO/G8 Chicago updates: Protest permits approved (sort of); Protest ordinances revised (barely)

Mayor 1%From the newswire: "Activists with the Coalition Against the NATO and G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8) this afternoon received a permit from the City of Chicago for a Saturday, May 19 march from Daley Plaza to McCormick Place, site of the NATO / G8 summits to be held May 19-21." But the permit includes an "escape clause" which would allow the Secret Service to nullify the permits. Read more 

Also, Mayor Emanuel's "sit down and shut up" anti-protester ordinances have taken a beating in public opinion, so he revised it. But the revisions, despite claims from the Mayor's office to be substantial, appear upon review to be little more than cosmetic. Only a small number of changes — a reduced increase of fines, and elimination of the marshal requirement — appear in the update. The remaining restrictions — including the redefinition of "resisting arrest", onerous insurance requirements, requiring a week's advance notice, and stringent requirements on Chicago sidewalks — all remain in place. Read more 

On Thursday, Mayor Emanuel pulled aldermen into closed-door meetings to lobby for proposed "improvements" to his effort to revise protest ordinances. But G8 / NATO protesters are ramping up pressure on the City Council to reject Mayor Emanuel's proposed "revisions", and have called on Chicagoans to urge a rejection of this ordinance. Read more

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May 21 12 3:28 AM

this dude on XBL started talking about this cuz some girl in the mw lobby said her husband was a marine. son said they were gonna be burning @!$# and flipping cars.

those drones are scary as hell and I'm just realizing they look identical to UAVs.

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May 21 12 3:29 AM

Good. Recalling the WTO protests in Seattle, they need to do everything in their power to keep the knuckleheads out of there. There are are too many people who just want to cause destruction and mayhem, just because it's a convenient excuse.

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