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Jan 13 12 1:45 AM

reener wrote:
Wilroc wrote:
Minus whale post up in this new thread then

Got this wallpaper after seeing someone in this thread with it. I made some noob edits to get rid of the tags and watermarks by the creator smiley: laugh. In the process of looking for some icons.


This is the OG OG (with the tags and stuff)

But I made little edits to try and get rid of the distractions of the tags

cant see spoilers

you cant tell but,
i'm visibly upset.

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Jan 13 12 6:21 AM

Ya'll really can't see the spoilers in my post? The hell? smiley: laugh

I didn't want to stretch the page but someone already did and posted the OG OG on this page. This is the one that was in the 2nd spoiler with the cheap edits.


If the images go down again or something just PM me and I got you.

Last Edited By: Wilroc Jan 13 12 6:25 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Jan 14 12 2:47 PM

kdawg wrote:
Mojodmonky1 wrote:
kdawg wrote:
Still using this - spread across 2 monitors:
stupid question.

how did you get the background to go across 2 monitors?  mine just counterfeits on each.

Yeah, for a long time I couldn't do that either. I found that if you make the image the width of 2 monitors and then select 'tile' it does that - stretch doesn't when you think it would - it just squashes the same image on each desktop.

I'm using Windows XP if that matters.

so i'm guessing if it's two different size monitors it's probably not going to work? using a laptop on a stand and a monitor side to side at work also on XP if that matters.

Te a m BURNone
it's 4:19, got a minute?

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