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Jul 18 12 8:30 AM

Skip2MyLou23 wrote:
vood99 wrote:
hotbutter wrote:

i copped the bb4's yesterday, and must respectfully disagree.

and yes i did own the OG's back in 03'? i just remember i had them early in high school in the white/red colorway.

from what i remember the retro olympics mirror the OGs pretty close.

leather on the OGs were mostly smooth, with little bit of texture to it.

Suede is on point imo, dont know what the whole 'felt' comment came about.

i would not be surprised if nike decided to strip down this model in terms of "zoom" in the forefoot and other techs, but imo in terms of outside aesthetics, i feel like these are on point just like the rest of the pack.

Air more uptempos (which i also own) are good quality but not superb.
same with 180's and bb4's (owned both models before this retro)
(havent seen the 2k4's in person)

from wha ti have seen personally, i'd rate all shoes, from a quality stand point, 8.5/10

NOT premium materials, but satisfied given Nike Retro/ Jordan Brand current standards.

can we get some comparison pictures (bb4) with the OGs?

With all due respect, you're talking about BRAND NEW retail purchased shoes here - not 8 year old VNDS pick-ups on eBay.

The fact that you're rating $150 shoes at 8.5/10 and content with them is borderline absurd! What's to stop them from releasing $160 shoes with a rating of 7/10?
The original Shox BB4 released in 2000 or 2001. The retail price was $150.

These retros are retailing for $150: the same price as the original release, but 11-12 years later. Given that the price of everything has increased, do you think Nike would maintain the same quality and features as the originals? That would mean they're making less of a margin per shoe. At the end of the day, as Milton Friedman proposed, the objective of a business is to make money, and Nike is a business. We should accept the lower quality if the price wasn't increased since 2000.

You cannot possibly be serious. If you are, that has to be the most ridiculous thing you could possibly say. In other words, you like it when someone pee's on you, then telling you that it's raining.

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Jul 18 12 9:36 AM

memphisboi55 wrote:
Skip2MyLou23 wrote:
cleansneaksonly21 wrote:
Me as wellsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimp

White/Patent Black was MONEY 
Those are the ones I had! The lateral stability on them was on point!

Was our team shoe in 10th grade that year ...although our colors were navy/maroon/white.... then the white/navy pair came out like a month later smiley: indifferentsmiley: laugh
Pretty much all the colorways were on point. Any chance we'll get the gold/navy Olympic joints to retro?
86crookedways wrote:
KingJay718 wrote:
Uptempos are very comfy. Better than the Pippen I Retro.

The comfort blew me away. I copped on pure aesthetics but when I put em on was blew away. Reminded me when I first copped my all black cb94 back in 04/05. Them joints were the most comfortable kicks I ever owned.
I've put them on to walk around my house, and I don't think they're that comfortable. The cushioning seems kind of stiff.

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#2625 [url]

Jul 18 12 9:41 AM

I got two newb questions for yall bout the Air More Uptempo...

1) I really liked the Air More Uptempo since way back in junior high, but how do these retros hold up as a collector's shoe?

2) I def like this colorway better than black/volt coming out soon, you think there's any other colorways for it this year?

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#2630 [url]

Jul 18 12 8:23 PM

Damn how many times there going to do a restock?

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Jul 30 12 3:11 PM

SOLEHEAVEN are SCUM!!! I ordered uptempos and Olympic 6 on two separate orders the same day, and they've only shipped my Olympic 6 and claimed both pairs were shipped together. A week later I only received the retro 6, I emailed them various times since then with no reply, until today, saying they will not refund because both pairs were shipped together and already delivered. I let them know they only shipped the retro 6, and i asked them to look at the weight of the shipped package. They replied, they no longer have my size in the tempos. What also pissed me off was when they asked if I'm distressed, *@#!! I replied OF COURSE I AM!! I asked for a credit towards a pair of Jordan 4 white red, and they said they'll look into it... Anyone ever deal with this BS?

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