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Mar 15 12 3:03 PM

I wonder how well the Elite's perform on court, for $250.00, I would assume well....

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Mar 15 12 3:04 PM

Everybody in here has paid over $250 for a shoe at one point or another. Why is everybody so mad at $250. Lil penny just posted a bunch of clean pe's that will cost you well over $250 but plenty of people would jump on the chance to purchase them but why. Because they are super limited? What makes them worth more then the elites?

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Mar 15 12 3:06 PM

one of the easiest pass on them elites. Wow so these shoes cost more than foams and yeezys. and thats how they look. Ok. I am glad these shoes don't look good to me so i can save my money

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#22926 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:09 PM

irishbaz wrote:

when are these droppin ? GR?

That picture is old and please let that color way die it had a good run leave it at that

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#22930 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:26 PM

AME416 wrote:
smiley: eeksmiley: eeksmiley: eek At how hard the OSU & Hurricanes have been to track down in a 12-13smiley: nerdAm I the only one having a hard time with these 2?
Thanks to Nike for the outrageous price tag on such a plain update, I'll be waiting on the SLHs & tracking down pairs I slept onsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimp

I've had a tough time finding the UKs and UMs in my size too. 

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#22932 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:34 PM

The Connoisseur wrote:
I find the lukewarm reaction to the Elites really interesting. It wasn't long ago sneakerheads would flip when a pair of kicks had even a hint of carbon fiber. Now, Nike has found a way to use lots of it very prominently on a shoe, and many dudes aren't that impressed! Maybe CF is finally considered played-out! 

I also get the impression some dudes in this thread wanted bolder colours. Fair enough......but after all the wild colourways we've seen in the 9's, what's really left?? An all-yellow pair maybe? Not every shoe can be the Big Bangs. Sometimes less is more. I actually think the detailing on these is completely sick. There's something to be said for clean, classic, refined designs, and that seems to be what they're aiming for here.

As far as the price goes........should a pair of kicks ever cost $250? Of course not! But I understand why they're priced that way. Molding carbon fiber into a shoe's upper is not cheap or easy. And we're not just paying for Nike's materials, but their time. I imagine a pretty big team of designers spent a lot of R & D creating these. And of course, time is money. So Nike wants to recoup that investment. 

And there is no way the Elites will sit. Nike wouldn't create enough of them for that to happen. Not for $250. Sneaker hype is at an all-time high right now, so if hardcore heads pass on these, more casual collectors and resellers will be there to scoop them up. Sad, but true.

Sorry for such a long post. I've been lurking on this thread (best thread on NT) for awhile, and I finally couldn't resist putting my two cents on the table.

Great way to chime in!

I'm with you 100% on this..

I think this is the beginning for shoes of this caliber to be in this price range!
At one point almost 30 years ago it was unheard of for shoes to be $100.. now that's pretty much a steal these days.
In another 30 years 250 just maybe the norm for a pair of sneaks and 350 maybe the retail price for the 2042 Elite whatevers
People tend to forget that everything is relative to the times!

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#22933 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:38 PM

SVSM home >>>>> CTK/Fairfax home

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#22934 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:39 PM

anwagbo3000 wrote:
I wonder how well the Elite's perform on court, for $250.00, I would assume well....

Just looking at them, I dont think they are gonna improve the playing experience much. They look like they have less support and I cant tell about the traction, it looks similar to Kobe IIIs traction pattern

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#22935 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:41 PM

locobaby wrote:
UNDS my swingmans today. Actually had an old LRG shirt that went well with the CW.
on the fence about the elites....
that picture is dope. the shoes look really good too. i wish i had the red laces in mine but ndc didnt send me any. it makes them really pop in this picture.

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#22936 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:43 PM

every time I see the SM's in pictures, it looks different than when I look at them at home. I guess the light really makes difference in whether the look dark or lighter blue

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#22937 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:47 PM

broke out my swingmans today... had a lot of compliments and broke several necks... the light really does make them change colors

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#22938 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:48 PM

The Elites are sooo @*$*@%+ tough,especially the away ones smiley: sicksmiley: sicksmiley: sickPimpPimpPimp. Just wish the price was lower,they're more expensive than a pair of foams smiley: laugh

BRoOkLyN x KinG wrote:
the away elites are kinda like a poor mans Watch The Thrones

Poor mans WTT's? The quality on the Elites looks head and shoulders better and they look like they'd be amazing to hoop in. The BHM's looked like poor mans WTT's.

Last Edited By: Rolaholic Mar 15 12 3:52 PM. Edited 2 times.

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#22940 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:50 PM

Love the Home Elites, don't love that price. Game time decision.

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