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Mar 15 12 2:10 PM

Man, are people talking about "the shoes that drop on the 31st" a whole lot on twitter? My homeboy just hit me up saying our local nike store is doing a wristband event for it.

WHERE DID ALL THIS HYPE COME FROM !? What have you been hearing from your people etc. (friends, ppl u know that work at shoe stores, )

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Mar 15 12 2:20 PM

Gatorbelts I want those SLH bad and those are the only shoes my boy has been talking about. I'm not sure the general hype for them though. I'm not in school anymore and don't hang around many sneaker heads so the only way I usually kno if a shoe is hyped is NT or iss.

As for paying $250 for elites and people saying boycot Nike. Honestly I don't have a problem with $250. If they are that limited I'm going to end up paying that or more to a reseller anyways so $250 might keep away a few people and give me a better chance to cop. Maybe giving Nike my money instead of resellers will lead them to making a higher quality product with premium materials and durability. Nike sees resell prices. Why wouldn't they want to make more money from their own product?

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#22906 [url]

Mar 15 12 2:32 PM

smiley: eeksmiley: eeksmiley: eek At how hard the OSU & Hurricanes have been to track down in a 12-13smiley: nerdAm I the only one having a hard time with these 2?
Thanks to Nike for the outrageous price tag on such a plain update, I'll be waiting on the SLHs & tracking down pairs I slept onsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimp

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#22908 [url]

Mar 15 12 2:41 PM

I wonder what the retail price limit would be for people buying Nike shoes?
400$?, 500$............. more than that?
This is getting out of hand, people are allowing Nike to just straight out rape them.
Yall acting like you ballin out, got money burning holes in your pockets........with most people that aint the case.
Kids either mooching off parents or dudes just raising their credit card debt, not having a single $ in your savings account thinking they doing it wearing 250$ shoes. No one gives a crap what you got one but your fake homies.

Everybody is free to spend their money anyway they want, but at this point.......there are better things in life to spend money on. Or just save the money, you might be grateful you did.
I thought 220$ for foams was getting a few years the retail price for foams will be 300$ no questions the way yall keep buying shoes
Its disrespectful what Nike is doing and people are just eating it up.30t6p3b

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The Connoisseur

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#22910 [url]

Mar 15 12 2:45 PM

I find the lukewarm reaction to the Elites really interesting. It wasn't long ago sneakerheads would flip when a pair of kicks had even a hint of carbon fiber. Now, Nike has found a way to use lots of it very prominently on a shoe, and many dudes aren't that impressed! Maybe CF is finally considered played-out! 

I also get the impression some dudes in this thread wanted bolder colours. Fair enough......but after all the wild colourways we've seen in the 9's, what's really left?? An all-yellow pair maybe? Not every shoe can be the Big Bangs. Sometimes less is more. I actually think the detailing on these is completely sick. There's something to be said for clean, classic, refined designs, and that seems to be what they're aiming for here.

As far as the price goes........should a pair of kicks ever cost $250? Of course not! But I understand why they're priced that way. Molding carbon fiber into a shoe's upper is not cheap or easy. And we're not just paying for Nike's materials, but their time. I imagine a pretty big team of designers spent a lot of R & D creating these. And of course, time is money. So Nike wants to recoup that investment. 

And there is no way the Elites will sit. Nike wouldn't create enough of them for that to happen. Not for $250. Sneaker hype is at an all-time high right now, so if hardcore heads pass on these, more casual collectors and resellers will be there to scoop them up. Sad, but true.

Sorry for such a long post. I've been lurking on this thread (best thread on NT) for awhile, and I finally couldn't resist putting my two cents on the table.

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Mister Friendly

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#22911 [url]

Mar 15 12 2:46 PM

The Elites are a HUGE disappointment for me!

They look like a takedown version of the Lebron 9 crossed with Huarache 08, that they added fake gold and carbon fiber effects( if that makes sense)

Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite Officially Unveiled

I think the stabiltiy wing and the pro combat like inner help alot in comfort and the fit of the Lebron 9 and Im not sure how the Elites will fit withou them.

I was expecting true innovation for an $80 dollar mark up, I guess I'll wait for the Hyperdunk + or the Lebron 10

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#22918 [url]

Mar 15 12 3:02 PM

KidKrazy007 wrote:
toine2983 wrote:

For those who've done a stock locate before, how long does it usually take for the shoe to arrive at the store? How much is shipping?

3 Dollars Shipping. 3-5 days as long as the order isn't bounced around store to store, in case your size sells out when the specific store gets the order. If that does happen they will transfer it to another store to fulfill.


The Elites are nice but not $250 nice. 

They'll sell because I'm sure Nike is gonna slap the "limited" tag on them.

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