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#12841 [url]

Jan 5 12 10:22 PM

I think I'm going to have to stop going crazy over the Big Bangs & SLH's until I know for a fact that I can get my hands on a pair. We all know that the LeBron line comes with a handle of great colorways with every shoe and all but that always mean that a good amount will not drop or if they do they change up all the small but good qualities of the shoe. It never fails, so let's hope that the Big Bangs get a release date...

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#12844 [url]

Jan 5 12 11:01 PM

bigtimejerky wrote:
RaY MuLLa wrote:
TheyHateMe wrote:
The inside of the BIG BANGS!!!!!!!!!

SIGN ME UP FOR 2 PAIRS!!!!!!!!smiley: pimpsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimp
damnsmiley: pimpsmiley: pimp first 9's were the US release China's and from judging from these pics it's going o be a busy Feb/March.

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#12845 [url]

Jan 5 12 11:17 PM

spoonmanofthehour wrote:
srvballer wrote:
I guess I'm one of the few who aren't amazed by the big bangs quite yet. I really need to see em in person before I pull out the $$

SLH and Griffeys are looking clean as hell

Hahahaha, see them in person first? We will ALL be lucky to even see them in person at all.

Not really. You're gonna see the usual suspects coming back in here near release and say their connect secured their pairs or employee got them on hold for them.

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#12847 [url]

Jan 5 12 11:21 PM

just copped the xmas 9 off ebay the pics on here made me do it. still need the chinas and def big bangs when they come out. hopefully that will wrap it up for the lebron 9. please no more insane colorways to bring me back in. after the 8 came out i was hurting. when the 9 was introduced i didn't want any and now i'll end up with 5 pairs.

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#12850 [url]

Jan 5 12 11:56 PM

dont know if its been posted but footlockers fb page just said the griffeys are releasing the 13th

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#12851 [url]

Jan 6 12 12:14 AM

sneakergameinsane wrote:
smiley: rollsmiley: rollsmiley: roll

LOL............... but im scared about how hyped people are about them.  I hope these are going to be SB statussmiley: ohwell

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#12856 [url]

Jan 6 12 1:29 AM

MrDozo wrote:
The detail on the big bangs is what makes that colorway special. Take away the gitd soles, the artistic insoles, and its just another brights colorway. Very creative tho.
Detail, artwork and nice colors are necessary for the 9 to sell as well as its 2 predecessors

3m and glow in the dark/icy soles are key for any sneakerhead and this shoe has all of that wrapped into one. craziest shoe i've ever seen and hope it would be the craziest shoe i will ever own.

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so wavy.niketalk

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#12857 [url]

Jan 6 12 1:41 AM

my goodness those big bangs have been crazy since the first pics, now im seeing even more pics my hearts literally racing. these would be my 3rd pair of 9s

bring em on i needed a release date ASAP!!! I HOPE IT AINT OVERLY HYPEd but judging buy the reactions here. i guess most ppl are sold on atleast a pair. soo lets be civil bout it guys

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#12860 [url]

Jan 6 12 1:59 AM

Nikekidwonder wrote:
I will never understand why dudes go so crazy for these bright @!@ colorways smiley: laugh

cuz its a sick concept and people got that mango fever nowadays

plus GITD soles is smiley: pimp

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