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#85 [url]

Aug 15 11 5:17 AM

anyone know a website that sells them from China or puts the name plates on themselves? My buddy had showed me one where you can get jerseys for real cheap, but the link isn't active anymore ... if anyone has one please PM to me ...

To answer the question, I wear a Lakers jersey on game days and sometimes to school (usually on laundry day) ... Wow, it's weird talking about school after not going for almost 6 years ... I have a bunch of Lakers and Dodgers shirts though ...

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#86 [url]

Aug 15 11 5:32 AM

I still rock the following jerseys since I live in Hawaii where everyday is summer.

Nike Orlando Magic Tracy McGrady Grey Alt 95.
Nike Orlando Magic Tracy McGrady Black pinstripes.
Reebok Orlando Magic Steve Francis home white.
Nike Indiana Pacers Jermaine O'Neal Yellow/Navy throwback 72.

smiley: pimp

I'm still in search of Penny Hardaway jerseys.  Anyone have any sites that might have em?  Thanks in advance.  

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#87 [url]

Aug 15 11 9:16 AM

empirestrikesfirst wrote:
Hockey jerseys. Luongo, Burrows, and Bure Canucks jerseys.

I have an Ireland soccer jersey I wear alot and a few random NBA ones (Sheed with the Blazers swingman )

if its that jersey smiley: pimp
NHL 94 is much appreciated, Bure was a beast those first few years in Vancouver

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#88 [url]

Aug 15 11 9:36 AM

I got mad Giants, Knicks and Yankees jerseys. Still wear them, not as much lately because it's too hot and I can't have on layers but I'm a die hard sports fan. Wale is a clown for wearing 40 different teams.

Still need to pickup a Hakeem Nicks jersey and a Melo jersey. Waiting for Modells to have that 40% off again

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#90 [url]

Aug 15 11 5:07 PM

ninjahood wrote:
it can't cost more then 15-20 bucks...i turned in ALOT of jerseys in one shot hence da price.

 Damn thats nothing

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#91 [url]

Aug 15 11 5:28 PM

have an old rodman, and a CJ2K authentic

Swingman where the best thing when I was younger, still sick now it just died out. Now I can think of ONE jersey I would want of a current player. Chris Paul is the only one i would consider rockin'.


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#93 [url]

Aug 16 11 1:56 AM

bxbadboy90 wrote:
Anyone know of a good spot in nyc where I would ve able to get my jerseys tailored?

Seriously mine are really way to large but I never lost love for my road Sheed blazers joint or my sprewell knicks

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#94 [url]

Aug 16 11 2:00 AM

richyung412 wrote:
I stopped wearing jerseys when the black album dropped in '06

black album dropped in 06 huh?


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#96 [url]

Aug 16 11 2:21 AM

650 wrote:
richyung412 wrote:
I stopped wearing jerseys when the black album dropped in '06

black album dropped in 06 huh?

got 'em

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Aug 16 11 2:53 AM

i still rock jerseys, ive gotten rid of some of the ones that i dont want anymore.

nfl: vick falcons home authentic
nba: bulls away jordan authentic (my fave jersey of all time)
dirk nowitzki away authentic
jordan home and away wizards authentic

Los Angeles, California

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#98 [url]

Aug 23 11 12:41 PM

dadecounty11 wrote:
Fox5Kobe wrote:

this is the last authentic and only authentic i wore. it was the hottest one out if you didn't like the other option.


Ih ad the Lamar Odom in white like this. 

how that went off the shelves?

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#100 [url]

Aug 23 11 12:54 PM

I gotta go grab my boy Melo jersey

Hit me on twitter @IShow2MuchLove

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