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Aug 16 11 6:09 AM

Done Payment! email sent....

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Aug 23 11 11:18 PM

Nice. I didn't know there was another batch order for the NT Alpha Shirt. Bought mine like a month ago. Got it within 3 weeks. PhilPost even delivered it to my doorstep.

Like kingcrux said, the shirts run big. I'm an Asian XL/2XL and US Large fits me well enough.

Props to Steez putting in work!

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Nov 9 11 2:20 AM

where do we get the bank account info for payment? Been sending a couple of emails to since Sunday but to no reply on how to pay?
BTW 1 XL and 1 L please if still available. 


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Nov 10 11 10:18 PM

Still no updates from kingcrux. He said that there was a problem with the niketalk shirt and that he'll replace it with two new designs. been emailing him but still no reply...

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Nov 23 11 2:43 AM

Knowing Jojo he has a big surprise to go along with these tees. He must be up to something because he's been really quiet. Calm before the storm! Patience is a virtue.

FS: Adidas 60th Anniversary Diamond Superstar Pack Sz. 9.5 US P10,000 only pm or text me at 09176308303

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Jan 10 12 4:08 AM

Emailed kingcrux but no update yet. 

EDIT: Got word from FB Page that its still on the works. So let's be patient. This will surely be worth the wait. Pimp

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