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Sep 24 11 8:07 PM

proper english wrote:
AEA18 wrote:
Been waiting for a thread like this. Dolce & Gabbana

how do these look on faces?


I've been looking for these everywhere and no luck finding them.

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Big J 33

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Sep 24 11 8:22 PM

vezon wrote:
I'm a fan of those.

I only wear mine for driving at times or occasionally if I'm tired and might need to see in the distance.

I wanted a pair of all plastic frames but I didn't feel like paying an extravagant amount and the optometrists office I was at didn't have any I liked. They get the job done.


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Sep 24 11 9:20 PM

I am looking to spend 350 tops, thought I was overdoing it off that , 850!? First pair of glasses since breaking mine a year ago :/ ..... I was told Versace is the way to go, but they sound and look heavy (nice looking too), I like the look of the d & g I see, is the brand out of my price range?

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Sep 24 11 9:22 PM

JordanFan04 wrote:

My exact frames. $850 for some frames though OP smiley: eek
smiley: pimphad these for ages, still wear em today

Like I'm about to do a heavy stint in the pen and the coochie snitched on me. I treat it like it invented racism, I treat like the coochie enslaved my ancestors for 400 years. I go at it like coochie was single handedly responsible for the holocaust and the extinction of the dodo bird. I go at like Torgriffith in a cell with a 120 pound Aryan brotherhood cellmate.

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Sep 26 11 1:28 PM

Got these not to long ago, not sure what models they are

Not sure why this pic came out like this and do not know how to flip.

These are my beaters. Sorry for the crappy pic.

I love my glasses but i def think its time for some contacts. They just seem to get in the way all to often. 

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Hoosier Bad Boy 11

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Nov 6 11 11:00 AM

Does anybody know what brand/style these glasses are I've been searching everywhere but no luck at all.

Thanks in advance

7 mile bet a pile walking through the airport with bout a hundred thou........

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