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Mar 6 11 4:14 AM

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So I put in a retardedly low ticket price for 200 bucks, and it came back with a 250 roundtrip ticket between 3 different airports here in the bay area, and 2 different at my location.

Now I have to pay before it tells me what time my flight leaves, and lands and also what airport I'll be going too which sucks.

Has anyone done this priceline bidding, how'd you like it? How long was your layover? How many connections?

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Mar 6 11 5:05 AM

Use priceline all the your own price is hit or miss though with hotels...used it in Chicago and got a 480 room for 80. But tried again the next day and got some flea bag hotel on the out skirts.

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Mar 6 11 11:28 AM

I use it almost exclusively. With flights, most of the time you're going to get the earliest flight, especially if you're going cross country so I always end up on like a 7:30AM or something. You'll never have more than 1 connection though so you can always be comfortable with that, it's not Southwest. I've always had great experiences with it on hotels and cars too, I paid like 8$ a day in ATL, I think like 9$ in Newark (New York).

Just do a search without the name your own price in and see what flight and times comes up most. That's most likely the ones you will be getting

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Mar 6 11 1:01 PM

as long as you dont have to be somewhere at a specific time youre good. if you do it's kinda playing roulette.

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Mar 27 11 12:34 PM


Im about to lowball priceline for a trip from south FL to NYC, I doubt theyll take my offer for $10 (total $50).

If I dont accept any of the offers will they charge me a fee?

I was down 40, now im up 50, buck 50, buck quickly, who could #$@& with me?

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Mar 27 11 2:57 PM

check out they'll give u all the info u need.

came in here to post great...helps with hotwire and priceline

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