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Sep 25 10 3:31 AM

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Spotted this on Yahoo, while checking my Email.. 


Nets move closer to landing Anthony

NETS, not JET$ With Curren$y.. 

I then decided to do some investigating.. from which I've learned throughout my lifespan on NikeTalk. 

Here are my clues, word to Blues Clues and the Red Thinking Chair:


Clue #1:

"Anthony has refused to sign a three-year, $65 million extension with the Nuggets and has made it clear to team officials he’s not comfortable with the franchise’s stability."


Clue # 1 1/2:

"Agents William Wesley and Leon Rose, who represent Anthony for CAA, have been advocates for Anthony to agree to sign a $65 million contract extension with the Nets. Denver"

Damn, I wonder what Iverson's reactions are.. having gone through so much with Melo..
Perhaps, something close to this:

Clue # 2: 

"Anthony still has his heart set on the New York Knicks, but he could discover the Nets are a compromise he’ll have to accept to get his $65 million extension and get into the metropolitan N.Y. market. "


Clue # 3

Jay - Z "Tha Roc/Diamond/Pyramid" owns a portion of the New Jersey Nets..


Clue # 3 1/2:

LeBron James.. Jigga Mans, man.. (ayo)

Bron'Bron's wearing a shirt of the person standing next to him..

I had Jay's same reaction with that picture:


So it all leads up to the Mighty Illuminati.. 

With Jay - Z and LeBron as my references
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Sep 25 10 4:32 AM

Mark Antony wrote:
Wait you've done this're serious, aren't you?
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Sep 25 10 4:49 AM

I jus don't understand how someone can wear someone standing right next to them on their shirt and just be chilling with them. Like I wouldn't wear my cousin Gio on my shirt while standing right next to me taking yet another picture even though he's the coolest person I know..........



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Sep 25 10 10:34 AM


This really is a cool picture.

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