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Sep 1 10 11:36 AM

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I have heard of using the barkeeper stuff but how is it applied and are there any other methods to whiten the mesh? i would really appreciate it.  Im trying to avoid useless responses that just say this is in the wrong topic. Ive read the instructions for the barkeeper stuff on this website but I didnt really understand.  Thanks
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Sep 1 10 12:16 PM

I used a steam cleaner and I also put them through the washing machine on HOT with like 8 towels I'm being serious about the washing machine. Jordan shoes are made so well, well they WERE i put many of them threw the wash.



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Sep 1 10 12:24 PM

spiderman2315 wrote:
There is a stickied thread on it (sneaker care/ maintenance) above you.

Agreed. and don't put your shoes through the wash because their are many positives and negatives of doing this.

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