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Aug 31 10 5:08 PM

My 03 E39 M///Sport

current mod: M5 swaybars
upcoming mods: Black panel strips, LED Angel Eye Bulbs, M5 Front and Rear Bumpers with lip kit, white/clear sidemarkers, coilovers, black grille, and more.

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jae oh en

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Aug 31 10 6:28 PM

YUNG FLiP iMAGE wrote:
Ugh, I didn't even want to post mine after jae oh en
Bone stock, but I love it.
, bone stock = no headaches. sports design right? always liked those.
SaNTi0321 wrote:
^ Always liked your car.
thanks, sir.

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Aug 31 10 7:13 PM

Tetsujin23 wrote:
what happened?

The shifter got stuck in drive... Its a dial that comes up out of the center console. Thats the drawback to cars with a lot of electronics.


What makes matters worse if the fact that I took it to a Jaguar / Rolls Royce Dealership.... n they gave me this as a loaner.


Straight Classy to Ashy

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