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Jan 28 10 5:19 AM

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Jan 28 10 7:54 AM


i hope you tie up your straps like they were meant to be worn.

"the game" can die for all i care
i just want nice shoes to wear

post quality inspired by the greatest playa eva
by the way, don't believe the hype

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Jan 29 10 1:20 AM

I can see the scheme going but (imo) not feelin' them...
That's a clean pair, though!

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Jan 30 10 1:20 AM

angonas wrote:
Where do you get the laces with the tips like that?, there 3.99 plus shipping so it comes out to $9, i kno $9 for a pair of laces thats crazy! lol but its metal tip, where else can you get em

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Feb 1 10 4:17 AM

Like it! They should retro that..

I think these would look good w/ blue laces too?? guess somebody should post pics of tht...

- 'B O-
--N###a I'm Mitchell&Ness, Vintage Flow

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