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Jun 1 12 2:44 PM

does anyone have 003's wtas eras white or black in size 11-11.5? 004's white/navy era's or chukkas in in black and white colorway size 11-11.5? or the new burgandy eras size 11-11.5? need em badly! I trashed my white 003's to $+@* since they're suede can't really clean them, paypal ready! help!

WTB: KD Nerf, Weatherman, and ASG Size 11-12
Kobe 7 YOTD'S, Cloaks, and ASG. Size 11-11.5
Yeezy 1 Nets and Zens Size 11-11.5 Yeezy 2 Solars and Platinums Colorways size 11-11.5 I have HEAT trades and cash READY!


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Jun 5 12 9:11 PM

chukkas or the chukka lows....janoskis arent a bad alternative though.


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Jun 7 12 4:16 PM

saw a pair of mister cartoon vans on ebay... ds and ended at about 150.

i still need a pair in my life man.

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Jun 22 12 2:17 AM

Julian Wright wrote:

This guy knows.
I have to wear these sort of shoes for work and thanks to the outlet being here in town I got four pairs of various colors for $75 (by one get 2nd half off).

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-John F. Kennedy

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Jun 28 12 1:40 PM

vans ca has been coming along too

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