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Dec 3 09 6:56 PM

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They have some ill fitteds on there....but something telling that s&%* is fake! image

pardon me for my ignoranceimage

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#11 [url]

Aug 7 12 11:30 AM

Nah they are 100000000% LEGIT!! I'm from Paterson, NJ where the store is actually located, I deal with them at least once a week. They have 2 stores, "myFitteds and myShirts." They started out sellin retro/OG Js and alot of tier zero Nike exclusives. Now they have the fitted/snapback game to match any pair of kicks. Their online store has more fitteds than the store. They usually keep all their exclusives in the back for online sales. You should not have any issues ordering. Also check out WWW.ECAPCITY.COM, they also have some very rare exclusive snaps and fitteds, their store is about 15 mins from me as well.

**VNDS OG Cool Grey 9's size 11 (worn 3 times) 2002 release includes OG Box/Retro Card.
**VNDS Retro 13's (Black/True Red) size 10.5 worn once 2004 release includes OG Box/Retro Card. PM me for details/pics.

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#13 [url]

Aug 29 12 12:41 AM

They're extremely legit. Purchased a fitted for my Halloween AF1 in 2006. Took about 3-4 days to get the hat, boxed, & all papers confirming the order inside.

Hottest fitteds in the game, anywhere...legit

Sneaker boutique . . . Where?!"

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