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Dec 6 09 7:03 PM

smfh at women and children only release

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Dec 6 09 7:58 PM

derry1 wrote:
could have been posted before ...but does any1 have info on these my first time seeing them they look image

Should have made the Toe Red Patent!

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Dec 6 09 11:31 PM


A little off topic but anyway, So talking about how the AIR MAX LEBRON VII caused me to sprain my ankle which is why I can't play basketball for at least a month, I ran across youtube and the 11/05/09 game between the Cavs and Bulls. Here's the link,; if you see time 1:01 LBJ was jogging out of bounds when he sprained it. That's pretty much how I sprained mine. If this is a high quality basketball shoe priced at a premium price that should not happen by any means. I love the shoe in terms of design and comfort but it needs an outrigger, I've notice that none of the lebrons in the series have an outrigger. Too those that think you can only sprain your ankles if you land on someones foot or wearing lowtops, think again.


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Dec 7 09 12:02 AM

Yeah I dont really see what the big deal is about these shoes. I tried on Red Carpets and they feel like something out of the 90s like Barkley CB 34. That might be ok if they cost 110-120, but these things are 160image

Maybe I've to get them and break them in for them to feel outstanding?

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Dec 7 09 2:43 AM

I finally got to take a lil walk around the city and the RC's are at so many spots in NYC in places I wouldn't expect to have em, that surely threw me off.

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