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Re: Nike AM90 and AM1 Vintage pack

The AM1's will be copped, I slept heavily on the '09 release.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Nike Retro
07/17/12 2:31 AM

Re: #NT Confessions Vol Would You Have an Affair With a Woman You KNEW was Married? Worth the Bad Karma?

@ the pics. And nah, I couldn't mess with a married woman. I'd hate to look at myself and legitimately say that I ruined a family.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
07/07/12 12:54 AM

Re: Why Is Ther Such a Thirsty Use of "Sex" Discribing Shoes Lately (Vol. Yall Gotta Chill)

It's hyperbole. No one is really equating a pair of shoes to sexual intercourse, it's exaggeration for humor's sake.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
07/04/12 8:38 PM

Re: My good friends watercolor AJ/Nike shoe series (pretty lifelike for watercolor vol. opinions needed

I'd definitely spend money on the Infrared 90 print. And if you're taking requests, could you do Black/Cement III's at some point?

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
07/04/12 7:46 PM

Re: Anyone remember the indiglo xiv rumor...?

No retro's for me, I'm good.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Jordan Brand Talk
06/30/12 1:43 AM

Re: Guys you know who are in the NBA

Went to HS with Ty Lawson before he transferred to Oak Hill. Son knew he was going to the league in like 10th grade. Good to see him playing well for the Nuggets.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Sports & Training
06/30/12 12:09 AM

Re: Washington State teen beaten, robbed in shoe sale gone wrong

Damn, I just did a meet-up today, sucks that this dude got caught up. But like people said in here before, you have to be smart when meeting a stranger for a business transaction.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
06/06/12 4:09 AM

Re: COMPLEX Update: 100 Best Air Jordans of All-Time

Only problem I have with the list is some of the ordering, the exclusion of the Cool Grey IV's, and the fact that the Jordan 2012 is on it (TWICE!!). B/C III's are right where they need to be, though.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Jordan Brand Talk
04/25/12 11:47 PM

Re: Black "Stealth" Foamposite ones!!! HOLIDAY 2012!

Haven't bought Foams in a while, but these are gonna be a necessity. And Black Friday? Damn, Black/Cement IV's and these, gotta make sure my cash is straight around that time.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Nike Retro
04/19/12 1:31 AM

Re: Loiter Squad

This show is trash. Like Jack-%$*, but without drugs or halfway-decent ideas.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
04/02/12 10:07 PM

Re: What's Your Nickname? Vol. Hey......Buddy

My family has called me Rocky my entire life. A few friends call me OG.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
03/30/12 1:44 AM

Re: What are you saving up for?

A car Moving out Student loans Space Jams A business thing I wanna start, but that'll probably take a long while.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
03/27/12 3:37 AM

Re: Post your personal favorite, less popular Nas Songs...v3

My Way Where Y'all At (might be in my top 5 Nas songs and it didn't even appear on an album) Blunt Ashes Favor For a Favor Sincerity Man, Nas has a ridiculous catalog.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Music
02/20/12 5:43 AM

Re: Three Six Mafia & Tay Don - M.A.F.I.A....Too Good to be true? Yep

Juicy J is trash now, I can live without him on this. I'm more hyped about new Project Pat and Lord Infamous.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Music
02/20/12 5:36 AM

Re: Cutting your dreads...conforming vs being yourself

I've been thinking about cutting my dreads, so I know how you're feeling (doubt I will, though). I think if you keep yourself looking respectable and professional and you don't have a criminal history or anything, you should be good...

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
02/18/12 1:27 AM

Re: Two upcoming Foam 1 colorways for 2012... (via

The Black pair is insanely necessary. Gonna need more pics to prove these aren't photoshopped. though.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Nike Retro
02/18/12 12:50 AM

Re: Guess The Movie From the Screencap Vol. Late Night Edition!

#43 is Inglorious Basterds.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
02/16/12 10:20 AM

Re: I get made fun of for being a "sneakerhead"

Take boxing lessons and steal on someone. Your father never taught you how to make a fist? Defend yourself, man.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
02/14/12 6:35 AM

Re: OK...lets talk about the age of consent. What is considered, "underaged?"

If anything, I think the state laws on age of consent need to be consolidated and equal all around. I know it's 18 in some places and 16 in others and I think that's problematic. In Maryland, the age of consent is 16, while in Virginia...

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: General
02/10/12 5:25 AM

Re: Official February WDYWT. NO PIC QUOTING!!!

Nice kicks, NT. Black/Royal I's to watch this football game or whatever.

Author: AiRodney23 Forum: Sneaker Showcase
02/06/12 1:01 AM