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Re: Nike USA Olympic Basketball Pack

Got my confirmation email........

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Nike Retro
07/17/12 9:58 PM


EEEEEEEEEEK at those Grant Hills! I remember wanting those or the Concords in 7th Grade. My pops said no to both, and I ended up getting some $39.99 basic Nikes. Those took me back, props to realtalkjohnny

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Sneaker Showcase
07/17/12 6:05 PM

Re: Nike USA Olympic Basketball Pack

Just ordered my pair and didnt even think about stacking the coupon codes. Oh well came out to be $158 shipped which is fine with me since these are long gone in my area. I also am a lil bit nervous since I havent gotten that...

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Nike Retro
07/17/12 2:39 PM

Re: Luxury Car Owners... How much do you spend on maintenance?

I have an 06 Lexus GS for past 4 years and havent had too many issues besides all the recalls. Oil changes are like $70. My wife has an 08 Audi A6 Prestige. Were still under warranty until 100,000 miles so luckily nothing major has...

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: General
07/13/12 4:04 PM

Re: Home Buying & Real Estate Thread

I recently purchased my first home in April of 2011. Best decision of my life. Right now it is still a buyers market and you must always remember that. I truly got a STEAL on my house, and it was move in ready besides painting and a few...

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: General
07/13/12 3:42 PM

Re: Nas Reveals Name Of Next Album (2011/2012 Release)

Ok so after 3 FULL listens (1 at home with headphones, 1 at work office, and 1 in the car), I give this a solid 8/10. Lyrically Nas has not lost anything at all. The production isnt as bad as it could be, but not even close to how yall...

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Music
07/13/12 3:22 PM

Re: Nas Reveals Name Of Next Album (2011/2012 Release)

I had planned to wait until Tuesday, but I cant anymore. I'll get this tonight when I get off work. Im still gonna support and buy the physical copy on Tuesday though. I really want the Blue shirt, but nobody has any info besides the Def...

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Music
07/12/12 8:14 PM

Re: **This Frank Ocean still goes hard....Official Thread - Channel Orange - Out NOW iTunes**

Album is nice all the way through. Definitely feeling the song with 3000, Pyramids, and Sierra Leone the most.

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Music
07/10/12 6:02 PM

Re: Nike Air Trainer Huarache 94 def. coming out (via

OG Colorway for me! Feels like Summer after 5th grade all over again. I remember begging my dad for these for going back to school shoes for 6th grade. Of course he said No and i got some 39.99 Reeboks like always. Been waiting on these...

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Nike Retro
07/06/12 7:01 PM

Re: If these 2 rappers formed a duo, they'd be Top 3. I dare you to disagree

Jking0821 wrote: Nas and Damien Marley part 2 please

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Music
07/05/12 6:18 PM

Re: the infamous classic

Classic album, Havoc's production and a hungry Prodigy gave so much energy to this album.

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Music
06/29/12 8:13 PM

Re: Best mixtape of da year so far?

Taylor Allderdice. I havent heard that 1999, might give it a listen since so many people are co-signing

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Music
06/29/12 7:54 PM

Re: Bruh Growing up in the 90s >>>

GotHolesInMySocks wrote: 90s > Any Decade   The cars in the 90's had some Classics like the pics above. Late 98 but my father had a GS300 which I still believe till this day is one of the nicest cars ever produced.

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: General
06/28/12 2:39 PM

Re: Story of a heroin dealer

Read all of this to finish off my day at work. Took 25 minutes, but it was very entertaining. I dont care if its real or fake, it was entertaining.

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: General
06/21/12 9:32 PM

Re: Instagram?

@stevec06 i follow back all #NT

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: General
06/20/12 9:32 PM

Re: Agreement between rocketsfan & Jmansmc23

I agree to the terms above!

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: Member Feedback & Agreements
06/20/12 9:28 PM

Re: Post Your Twitters Vol #followfriday

@ Stevec06 I follow back all #NT

Author: jmansmc23 Forum: General
06/19/12 8:33 PM