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Heading from NYC to San Francisco for the first time.

I'm heading out there for the first time, and am trying to make the most of it. I'll be there for a few days from 12/30 - 1/2. I'll be in the Union Square area.What places would you guys recommend an out-of-towner to visit in such a...

Author: Roc Boy Jada Forum: General
12/20/11 10:17 PM

Giant rat killed by pitchfork in Marcy Houses -- Pics included For the Beasts

Giant rat killed by pitchfork in Marcy Houses is believed to be Gambian pouched rat Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera was photographed with this giant...

Author: Nako XL Forum: General
08/26/11 1:00 AM

New York City and Boston.....HELP!!!!!

What's up NTI could use your help.....i'm heading to New York city and want to know where i should eat and party.  I already know i have to hit up shake shack , what are some other spots that are a must try.  What are some...

Author: The 4th Forum: General
08/05/11 1:08 AM

Girls From NY <<< Girls From Your City- Disagree? Prove it. The Rep Your City Challenge PICS INSIDE

Post pics of one, homegrown, non famous girl that you think best represents your city and one-up the posters ahead of you.  Keep it clean!!New York (Our smokeshows over yours):...

Author: Nako XL Forum: General
06/30/11 4:18 PM

I Love My (New York) City But We've Got to do Better **VIDEO** of man wildin on train

Dude missed a spot

Author: Nako XL Forum: General
05/17/11 2:18 AM

NYC NT'ers... School me on July 4 in the City

I am headed to NYC for 4th of July weekend. Trying to figure out what I should do. I have no plans made yet for Friday and I get in at 12:15. I've been thinking about going to the Yankees game on the 4th during the day and maybe a...

Author: Juicy J 32 Forum: General
06/20/09 1:49 AM

NYC Real Estate

What's good NT... Don't want to make this a long post since nobody reads I'm recently licensed as a real estate agent in NY. Love the job and everything about it. I have access to 99% of the apartments in New York....

Author: chozin87 Forum: General
01/16/09 6:50 PM

[| -- 1200 People Ride the Subway with NO PANTS?! [NYC Transit] (VIDEO) -- |]

Got to be kidding me.

Author: DiPlOmAt TDOt Forum: General
01/15/09 1:33 AM