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The following topics have (all/at least one) of the tags above me quit smoking

I've been smoking since I was 13 and my girlfriend has been begging me to stop.  All attempts have been fails and it's almost impossible to handle the withdrawal symptoms (i.e. headaches, anxiety, etc.) The most I've quit was...

Author: DecemberLove Forum: General
01/26/12 2:45 AM


THICK OR FAT......'tis a ponderance from which hood dwellers are smitten, paragraphs are written, and bans are given.This thread shall remain simple. 1. All discourse must be kept to pictures/gifs or "fat/thick" responses. ...

Author: CreateDestroy Forum: General
10/21/11 4:12 PM

Barbershop Fun With Trannys - Vid

Come at my barbers bros.

Author: Diego Forum: General
08/06/11 2:48 PM

Is there a way to cash out your 401k money early without a penalty?

And if not, what is the penalty. I have like 6,000$ in there and I want it. I'd rather just put it in my own savings account. I'm thinking about just getting it anyways and taking the penalkty hit. I mean, I;m 25 so I have to wait 37...

Author: DatZNasty Forum: General
06/06/10 4:49 PM

i want more info/pics of this asian girl with a nice butt NAOOOWWWWW!

any info is would be even better

Author: MECKS Forum: General
02/25/10 11:05 PM

Females with Tattoos Appreciation Thread (updated check pg 7 for more pics)

Author: SoleAsian Forum: General
02/20/10 3:17 AM

Odette Yustman Appreciation

Just saw her in the new Weezer video, hot stuff She's rounding out my top five: Rashida, Mandy, Taylor, Alana and Odette

Author: Th3RealF0lkBlu3s Forum: General
10/30/09 7:56 AM

WHAT IS A BBW???(BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN)?????????????????????

I can appreciate women that are bigger. I know there are alot other guys out there who like healthy,thick,voultupous girls or BBW.But the term BBW is thrown alot and if you do a image search on BBW alot those women arent close to being...

Author: Mister Friendly Forum: General
04/26/09 6:42 AM

Waking up next to a girl appreciation Vol. you snore too much

Turning over and she's still sleeping with her arms on your stomach. . No bra no panties. Sleeping with ya girl is appreciated

Author: ACBboyz84 Forum: General
01/09/09 9:35 PM