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Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Release 9/2012 PSN/XBLA

Author: AEA18 Forum: General
07/05/12 4:27 PM

for those who missed out on madden 12 deal of the day 9.99 may 15 only

Sorry was gonna post this2 hours ago but fell asleep lol madden 12 for 360, ps3, and wii 9.99 plus free shipping hof version is 19.99one day only. also available for in store pick upi know madden 13 comes out in a few months...

Author: NobleKane Forum: General
05/15/12 7:06 AM

Official: Max Payne 3 Thread: Out Now On PS3 & XBOX 360: PC Release Date 06-01-12

It's time to get the official thread up for this dope game that's dropping in 2 days. Not surprised a thread has not been started yet since a ton of NT'ers on here only care about & play GTA games made by R*Anyways I really have a strong...

Author: MR J 858 Forum: General
05/14/12 2:21 AM

Playstation Network vs XBox Live (Performance Only)

First I want to apologize for making a whole separate thread for this even though there's both an official PS3 and 360 thread they are both filled with bias users that are going to swing one way or the other depending on the thread I'm...

Author: C o IVI p L e X Forum: General
11/16/11 1:21 AM

NT: Broad Issues, PS3 involved. Chime in

I normally don't post these types of threads but I need to know if I'm in the wrong. My chick and I split up. She bought a ps3 while we were in the relationship, after the split we were still somewhat friends. She says "I knew you were...

Author: GreyFoxx Forum: General
11/05/11 6:17 PM

Modern Warfare 3 | PS3 OT | Playlist Update v1.6.424.1 | (New) Patch 1.12 & DLC Collection 1 is LIVE

Publisher: Activison | Genre: First Person Shooter |  Release Date: November 8th, 2011[Boxart]Regular Game: $59.99✏ Blu-Ray Game Disc and Manual.Hardened Edition: $99.99✏ Blu-Ray Game Disc, Manual, Unique Art, 1...

Author: IHeartBoost Forum: General
10/18/11 11:49 PM

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Xbox 360/PS3 Releases October 25th

Author: AEA18 Forum: General
10/08/11 4:16 PM

Portal: No Escape

Author: Hollywood James 6 Forum: General
09/06/11 4:06 AM

here are 3 free 1 night dvd rental codes for your saturday night

hello! alot of you probably already ahve used these codes before but for those who havent here they are.dvdonmebreakroomand the last one has to be used at walgreens only it is:dvdatwageach are good for one night rentals on standard dvds...

Author: NobleKane Forum: General
08/07/11 12:49 AM

PlayStation Thread: Last of Us, God of War IV, Beyond and MORE. PS4 Rumors & Vita News.

Section 1 - [PS3 Thread History]First PS3 Thread | Second PS3 Thread | Third PS3 Thread | Fourth PS3 Thread | Fifth PS3 Thread | We Are HereSection 2 - [PlayStation Network (PSN) ID List]Spoiler [+]NikeTalk SN...

Author: IHeartBoost Forum: General
07/19/11 7:11 PM

Official NCAA Football 12 Thread: Patch #4 Available Nov. 8th Details p. 41

EA is starting to roll out more details about the game this week, figured I'd make a thread.Mark Ingraham is the coverboy (Pic Courtesy of Operation Sports)  Release date is July 12, 2011First NCAA 12 Blog:   Welcome...

Author: toine2983 Forum: General
04/19/11 5:03 PM

Official: LA Noire Thread PS3 & XBOX 360: Game Drops On 5/17: GOTY For 2011: DLC Info On Page 35

Alright since the game is a month away most of us who have a internet connection or a TV with cable or satellite has seen some of the coverage for R*'s next big game.Latest Official Trailer: Pre Order...

Author: MR J 858 Forum: General
04/18/11 4:18 AM

Modder Turns RROD-stricken Xbox 360 Into PS3 Arcade Controller, Awesomeness

Modder Turns RROD-stricken Xbox 360 Into PS3 Arcade Controller, AwesomenessIn the most recent of Xbox 360 hacks, a modder named Morris has crafted a PS3 controller out of none other than -- as ironic as this may seem -- a dead Xbox 360....

Author: MR J 858 Forum: General
02/27/11 4:51 AM

The playstation 3 is mother #!@$#%$ GARBAGE

Ok so i finally unbox my new 160gb ps3 since my 40gb memory was full. hook it up and think im about ready to play some games. I put the game in and it freezes on the title screen. so i reset the system and try to play the game but its...

Author: NobleKane Forum: General
02/10/11 7:55 AM

Just a heads up, and sorry if late, but Best Buy is offering a $50 GC with purchase of PS3....

It's for the 160gb version.  I called the one by me (Hollywood, FL), and they said the offer stands till this Saturday.  Wanted to spread the word.  

Author: rawjs Forum: General
01/31/11 1:06 PM

Gran Turismo 5 | OT | v2.03 + DLC is LIVE | Is Your Engine Ready?!

"Software has to be created under the restriction of the hardware. With each new PlayStation, the vessel has become bigger, but it’s still not enough. With Gran Turismo 5 we’ve made it as clean and beautiful as possible within the...

Author: IHeartBoost Forum: General
11/17/10 5:04 AM

Blockbuster takes another L.... redbox to offer video games later this month

and good new games not the crap offered on blockbuster online currently...

Author: NobleKane Forum: General
10/10/10 9:22 PM

anybody cop nhl 11?

whats your thoughts? how do u get that bauer boost pack?

Author: NobleKane Forum: General
09/08/10 9:13 PM

(2K10 on PS3) League Started, 14 Spots Left

@ 360Created a season:Name: NT ElitePW: ttp16 teams, 30 games, 6 Min q's, Superstarobjections?I'm not gonna establish a laundry list of restrictions on how to play..PIP restrictions always baffle me because last night I played some...

Author: MeloVP Forum: General
06/09/10 5:50 PM

The Official Call Of Duty: Black OPS Thread: Treyarch > Infinity Ward

Anybody see the world premier of the trailer during the end of the 3rd quarter of magic/celtics game ?? Looking good...

Author: NobleKane Forum: General
05/19/10 2:59 AM