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Real Talk: Health Information Technology Careers

So I'm 31 years and I'm at a point in my life where I need a career change and I'm considering going back to school for an Associates Degree in this job field. I've been working in the IT industry for the past 12 years and mainly worked...

Author: MR J 858 Forum: General
07/20/11 12:11 AM

NT What's Poppin' This Summer? Vol. School Is Out / I'm Bored

Lord willing I'll start a new gig in a little over a week, but until then I'm chilling.  What's everybody else up to this summer?

Author: LESfamilia Forum: General
06/20/11 2:26 AM

Anybody Work At Six Flags Or Theme Parks Like It?

If so, can you tell me about the hiring process and your experience working there.Getting my first job at Six Flags would be pretty but I can only do it for a summer.

Author: iYen Forum: General
06/11/11 5:42 AM

Dealing With Sub-Par Co-Workers, Stories NT? The Official Dead Beat Worker Thread

I've never really cared about coworkers, but one dude I work with STAYS complaining. Dude is like 30, complaining about always being tired and has all these ammends when in reality you're going to ammend yourself out the door. Dude keeps...

Author: Loyal Flyness Forum: General
06/07/11 6:16 PM

Winter/Spring Graduates... Since the Fall is officially done, what're you doing next year?

I know there's quite a few accomplished NTers out there, and I was wondering what everyone will be doing after they graduate. The economy is still pretty $+%+%#, but it's definitely the best that it's been since The Street...

Author: impalaballa187 Forum: General
12/24/10 8:44 AM

Sandwich/Lunch ideas for the office/at work

I'm endeavoring to both save some money and more importantly eat healthier. I'm usually stuck on campus for lunch where I usually eat some sort of junk food everyday. I have access to a small fridge, microwave and toaster oven so I'm...

Author: infamousod Forum: General
05/08/10 4:17 PM

NT: Any trouble at work?

I work at a commissary (Military grocery store) and I'm bagging this ladies groceries and she says i want Double paper bags, I'm like alright so I continue bagging and then she ask me what am i doing, and i said you asked for Double...

Author: UnderMedicated Forum: General
02/26/10 8:29 AM

Office Hook-Ups/Romances vol. Yay or Nay

Anyone ever get w/someone @ their job? 1st job (movie theater) I smashed shorty only cuz I had braids and she was ILL w/ it only seemed logical...So I smashed and got my hair braided every week for Free 99 (sad attempt @...

Author: Stixx Forum: General
10/30/09 2:52 PM

NT, How Is Your Day Going?

The morning was long as I don't know what--how does everyone else make their school / work mornings go by faster?--but the afternoon is finally here. I'm almost done with a reading assignment and have some paperwork and other...

Author: LESfamilia Forum: General
09/29/09 6:52 PM


The Story: I have been working for a major financial institution throughout college. I graduated last year and have been looking to begin a career in the recruiting industry. On July 9th, I was offered a position at a local Dallas...

Author: APlus18 Forum: General
07/23/09 3:42 AM

Bored as hell at work. (Pics of how I am workin)

Okay I am actually bored at the moment so I thought I would create a pointless thread.... I am stuck at work on a 12hour shift. (I work this 7 days a week) Sounds like it sucks, but it is cool I guess I work the night shift and sense...

Author: rowenarrow Forum: General
07/22/09 12:50 AM

All Artist And Fans Of Art Come On In!

Im know for sure there are alot of talented artist on Nt.. I thought it would be a good change of pace for all artist to share theyre art form. So if u are an artist of any kind by all means please contribute. If ur not artistic but just...

Author: Sun Of Knowledge Forum: General
02/07/09 1:55 PM