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Death of the 3DS, PS Vita, and Portable Gaming Consoles? What do you think NT?

I've been reading reviews on whether or not I should purchase a vita, but in the midst of my research, there have been numerous articles about how the portable gaming consoles have met their match to the games on smartphones such as...

Author: MetroKid26 Forum: General
02/17/12 3:34 AM

Does Any Videogame Series Have Better Commercials Than Gears of War? What Series Has Your Favorite?

Author: AK Nako Forum: General
09/16/11 1:26 PM

Yugoslavian architecture = Futuristic  This is crazy.. look at how similar some of the architecture in this article is reflected in that of the Halo video games. I have nothing against this I just found...

Author: supa vegetto Forum: General
04/27/11 7:43 AM

NT, What Should I Do With My Dreamcast?

I'm going to be moving soon, so right now I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet.  I'm come across everything from the Lego's I played with as a kid to the comics I read as a teenager, and finally (drum roll please), my...

Author: LESfamilia Forum: General
03/15/10 3:10 AM

noob xbox 360 question.?

Got the 360 but knowing system is full of problems , like the red rings if it broke , wheres the warranty.? does it come in the box or is it on the 360 or something.? Did not ask on yahoo answers cause it sucks .

Author: swagflowznba789 Forum: General
12/26/09 5:10 AM

Halo appreciation post.

all the halo games are pretty much pure . first one still the best. Nothing better than the scope pistol and shotgun .

Author: swagflowznba789 Forum: General
12/02/09 9:08 PM

Top Ten years in video game history vol. can you name the top 3 Years without looking

Those that haven't seen this video, can you guess the top 3? Video Games | GT Countdown | Top Ten Years of Gaming XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Author: pr0phecy718 Forum: General
10/22/09 12:08 AM

Killing Zombies (L4D2)

Author: mikeyloops Forum: General
09/10/09 3:58 AM