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Beats by Dre In-Ear Headphones for $19.95 DailySteals Deal but...

they're the Lady Gaga Heartbeats  If anybody's interested, they got em in black, chrome, and redGo to is legit, I've ordered from them before

Author: Cant Break The Unbreakable Forum: General
10/25/11 5:59 AM

NT, Help Me Pick Some New Professional-Quality Headphones

My Sennheiser 202's gave out on me a few hours ago while I was making a track, and I need a replacement ASAP.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  If it's worth it I'm willing to pay up to 60 or 70... And please, no Dre Beats...

Author: LESfamilia Forum: General
05/18/11 12:12 AM

Does anybody sell things on Craigslist regularly?

I was wondering if anyone uses craigslist as a means to make side money.Could be selling your old sneakers, electronics, clothing whatever.I've been doing it for a couple months, clearing out most of my older electronics ; ipods,...

Author: s2sick Forum: General
02/27/11 8:25 AM

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones - worth the price?

I'm thinking of buying these headphones...does anyone have a pair?  If so, how are they?  I'm thinking of getting the in-ear ones because its more compact than the over-ear (and I travel alot, knowing me I'll break the...

Author: high off kicks Forum: General
02/14/11 4:17 PM

new Sony PIIQ Headphones..UPDATE:mini review pg.3

I noticed there's been a few posts asking about headphones lately, and I'm in the market for some too.Thought I'd share these for those who don't want to spend a ton on Beats by If you can get passed the funky...

Author: AJChick23 Forum: General
07/17/10 12:16 AM

Skullcandy NBA Player Series Headphones

Some of these are to me. NBA Player Series-Skullcandy Detailed side view pictures We need some DJ Mbenga ones made asap

Author: 3miyasaki3 Forum: General
11/18/09 10:44 PM

Why do none of the earbud headphones on the market work in both ears?

I had assumed it was just because I was being cheap and buying the 3$ off brand ones, so I went and even bought some Sony's that were like 28$ and still, from my mp3 player (Sandisk Sansa), I only get sound in 1 ear. However, if I...

Author: DatZNasty Forum: General
06/01/09 1:12 AM

What Are Some Good EARPHONES

I was rockin with the v moda bass frequency earphones for a while. I know they aren't the best but compared to the standard iphone earphones they were like hearing music for the first time. They're like 24.99 on ebay (75.00...

Author: PurpHeartGrapes Forum: General
04/24/09 11:08 PM