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Dec 29 09 4:20 AM

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Is this needed.....

it looks pretty good but.......... Do peeps really need that HD porno now and days

sure it looks raw and uncut but dammmmmn HD image

hd or no hd...?
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Dec 29 09 4:24 AM

Fapping to 20 sec preview clips > Full HD pron movies. Man, I can't sit there and watch a 38 minute smash scene. I just get my fap on within 5 minutes and move on to the next best thing on the internet imageimage


axel f0ley

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Dec 29 09 4:26 AM

a lot of people who're shooting this stuff are using hd camcorders already.

but whoa! you can't truly appreciate how good younger girls (under 25) look until you've seen them in a hq vid.

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Dec 29 09 4:26 AM

HD makes EVERYTHING better. Just be careful what you look up cause in one day of boredom I decided to download some of that freaky japanese mess that was 1080p. I swear see the inside of a gaping %*%* in 1080p on a 40inch is just eww


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