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Jul 10 12 2:28 AM

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Me and my girl are planning a weekend trip down during the first weekend in August. What are some things to do? How much money should I walk wit to have a good time? We plan on splitting the gas/hotel 50/50. Chime in NT.


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Jul 10 12 11:03 AM

Are you guys staying in south beach or downtown Miami?

When me and my girl went we stayed at the beacon the first time and then at the Clevelander the second time. Clevelander was dope because of the roof top access. If your on South Beach, you honestly won't need a car. It'll be an inconvenience really.

Out of all the restaurants on ocean drive, the pelican by far had the best food. Got to hit up wet willies and fat Tuesday. As far as clubs, we had a good time at the Clevelander (it's an outdoor party), cameo, and mansion. BED was trash. Pizza rustica off of like 8th and Washington (NOT the one by cameo) is some of the best pizza I've ever had. If you wanna shop it up Lincoln Ave (off Washington). And if you guys want a romantic date hit up espanola way. At night it's beautiful and makes you feel like your in Italy. Bring at least a stack with you.

Basic street run down is:

Ocean Drive: Restaurants
Collins: clothing stores (jersey shore ice cream shop is also on this street)
Washington: Clubs

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Jul 10 12 11:50 AM

I always use and get a condo down there when I visit. Usually cheaper than a hotel down there and comes fully furnished and everything. Have to contact them at least a week in advance to set something up, but you can find some NICE places there. Even in some of the hotel/resorts from year-round suite owners (Setai/Fontainebleu). 

South Beach is a LOT of fun. Bring $$$$. It gets spent FAST. Personally, I like to stay in downtown Miami, which is a 5-10 minute drive to SoBe. Usually stay at a condo across from Bayside and down the street from the AAA.

Pubbelly and Burger and Beer Joint on South Beach are some real good eats. There's also a Shake Shack on Lincoln. In Downtown Miami there's Pollo y Jarras and Ceviche 105 right next to eachother. Like Prison Mike said, the Clevelander and Mansion are great. Personally, I like the smaller, more chill places. Purdy Lounge is always a good time. 

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