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May 21 11 2:40 PM

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I just wear them with the laces really loose and heres a pic, This is the only pic of me with my pewters on. I don't own any other foams yet.

Btw, can someone tell me how to get the picture to pop up right on this page instead of just the link showing?
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May 21 11 3:46 PM

Laces untied...

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May 21 11 7:59 PM

KiCkzB4HoZ wrote:
what level is that fam?!?! pewter and khaki? #thingsyoushouldntdo

Whattt? You sound crraazzzyyy. Slim fit Khaki's and Pewters are a killer combo.

natone wrote:
Wear them with shorts. Let's them shine without being halfway hidden under pants IMO.
Get pants with a skinnier leg opening and they'd be cool.

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