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Sha77er S7ar I

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Apr 13 11 2:55 PM

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these shoes used to be my beaters years ago and since theyre
just occupying  space for no reason
in my closet, I’ll post them up for sale. They are all 100% authentic – I’ve been
a longstanding NT member since 01’ None of them include boxes and theyre all
fairly worn but the soles are intact…pictures pretty much speak for themselves.
Im not trying to profit anything but maybe someone will find value in them. Restore?


Top row from left to right:

2001 Jordan I metallic silver sz 9.5 - $50 (very faint
yellowing at midsole)

nike air force Holland sz 8.5 - $15 (yellow midsoles)

bapestas in beige/blue star sz 9.5 - $10


middle row from left to right

CO.JP Air Force Linen/Atmos 2001 sz 9.5 - $40 (yellow

AF1 Lebron “Chamber of Fear” sz 9 - $40 (no yellowing at

Dunk SB “Bison” sz 9.5 - $50

CO.JP Dunk “Grip Tape” released in 1999 sz 9.5 - $40 (slight
yellowing at midsoles)


Bottom row from left to right

Nike Dunk Pink Splatters (women sz 9.5, men size - $30
(slight yellowing at midsole)

CO.JP Brazil released in 1999 sz 9.5 - $30 (slight yellow


Prices are pretty flexible. Shipping should be $8 via USPS
Priority with tracking number. If you buy more, we’ll sort it out. I accept
paypal, money orders, or bank transfers…

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#3 [url]

Apr 15 11 12:35 PM

Can I get more pics of the bisons and linens

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#5 [url]

Apr 15 11 9:35 PM

will get those bisons and stas! pm'ed u!

wat luck. came in this forum looking for some simeon adiroses, chanced upon these.. smiley: smokin

#6 [url]

Apr 19 11 3:25 PM

can you post better pics of the bisons please

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